Forgive… Don’t Ever Forget… And No, Its Not Okay For Someone to Bash Your Face In

21 Feb

I’m gonna catch hell for this one, so bring it…

Ever since Chris Brown heightened both his and Rihanna’s fame by doing the opposite of what her management would’ve done and made her face UNrecognizeable, every little thing either one of them does has been dissected under a microscope. I know, I know that’s pretty much what it means to be a celebrity. The 2012 Grammy’s was their opportunity to stop all the speculating and really give us something to talk about and then last night I heard Chris Brown go IN on Rihanna’s Birthday Cake remix and I knew it was a wrap!

Now most people are feeling a way about these two reconciling. Yes it was really sad and eff’d up when CB broke Rihanna’s face. However, I don’t think somebody would go in on another person’s face like that without being provoked. No, that doesn’t make it right. But everyone of us has completely lost it at some point in our lives and if you have a pattern of that type of behavior then you need some help. You also need help if you like pushing people until they in turn push you into traffic. CB apologized for his animalistic actions but nobody wants to move on and let him live. I actually felt bad for him when Robin Roberts attempted to interrogate and badger him over the incident in an interview that was supposed to be about his new album. When he went backstage and threw that tantrum I said, “somebody please get that baby some help before he breaks his own face by accident.” Yes, I said “that baby”, because that’s exactly what he reverted to every time he threw a tantrum. Rihanna was just a baby too at the time of their relationship. For one minute, everyone close your eyes and go back to your early twenties… Now imagine being a celebrity in a public relationship in your early twenties. It couldn’t possibly be easy. Now take away the fame and reminisce on your early relationships. Didn’t you do some over the top bullshit? How would you feel if the girlfriend/boyfriend you had at 21 showed up at your wedding fourteen years later to object to your marriage to someone new because one time you broke one of their car windows in a fit of rage fourteen years ago? You’d look at them like “seriously? What are you even talking about? I was 21!!”

I don’t claim to be a Christian or belong to any specific religion but I do believe in the principle of forgiveness. I was raised around drug addicts who have been through rehab, so I know what it means for someone to do the lowest and most hurtful things to a person and be sincerely remorseful later and I learned early that forgiveness is not for the offender. Forgiveness means you understand what was done to you was foul, you might even understand why it was done but you’re not going to carry the foulness around with you forever. You’re gonna bury it and leave it be. However when you bury it, you post a marker so that you don’t forget that episode in your life. If you see signs of the same episode about to occur, you know how to dodge it. Apparently Rihanna has forgiven CB, my prayer is that she just doesn’t forget. I also hope everyone else finds it in their heart to do the same. Are we still going to be calling him a “woman beater” when he’s in his fifties? Scratch that… Poor Whitney is in her grave and people are STILL condemning her for her addictions and past antics.

I’m not condoning violent behavior. Neither am I condoning situations where girls get tossed around like rag dolls every week, and then forgive & forget as soon as their boo apologizes with tears in his eyes, followed by some awesome head. I’m disappointed in men who take hits as well. Women are good for suddenly becoming the weaker sex when it comes to domestic violence. They wanna throw dishes at a man but call the cops when he shoves her into a wall after he’s been hit in the head with a coffee mug. I have three brothers and I’ll be damned if they sit there and let a woman wail on them just because she’s a woman. That’s a bunch of poppycock. I tell them, shake that broad and rattle her brains until she understands you are NOT a punching bag. In situations where there’s repeated domestic violence both parties clearly have deep rooted issues. Get it together! Pummeling someone’s face or getting your face pummeled is NOT a sign of affection or an act of love.

Everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt. Chris Brown and Rihanna obviously split for a minute and then reconciled. I’m gonna take the optimistic approach and think they both got some help during their break. For all we know, the reconciliation is purely business and publicity. It’s effect has a 50-50 split. People can either learn about forgiveness or some dumb youngin who doesn’t truly understand the meaning of the word is gonna get smacked up and stick with his/her abuser because CB did it and got away with it. I’m wording this blog as carefully as I can for fear of sounding contradictory, however the bottom line is forgive but don’t forget. And let poor Chris Breezy live. Stop with the R. Kelly comparisons. R. Kelly was grown & gray when he did his dirt. Chris Brown had just learned to shave when he turned into the Hulk made poor little Ri-ri eat that dashboard. Allow them both so room for growth please.

And for the record Birthday Cake was a hot song but the remix is fire! Rihanna is good for a “red lipstick, pumps and a lap dance” song and who would’ve been better than Chris Brown on the remix? Don’t say Trey Songz… his voice is too soft for that beat.



2 Responses to “Forgive… Don’t Ever Forget… And No, Its Not Okay For Someone to Bash Your Face In”

  1. Ms. Tee February 21, 2012 at 10:35 pm #



  2. Jamie February 22, 2012 at 1:06 am #

    You know I agree 100%. Poor CB was provoked and we have all done things we aren’t proud of in the midst of rage…. Just let these poor kids live


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