10 Things I See on Facebook That Annoy the Hell Out of Me

7 Mar

I am a self-proclaimed Facebook addict. I’m on it everyday. I post different statuses throughout the day and new pics throughout the week. I share and read articles and videos and comment on things that appeal to me. BUT, there are some things I see on Facebook that annoy the hell out of me and lead me to believe I’m one of the smartest people in the world. Some things are insanely inappropriate or just plain old dumb. Here are the top 10 things that annoy the hell out of me on Facebook:

1. “Sorry for your lost.”

Sorry for your lost?? They said they had a death in the family, not that they can’t find themselves. If you don’t know the difference between loss and lost, and refuse to check a dictionary, then just say “my condolences.”

2. “tats whassup”, “tats my boo”, “tats a nice pic”

Huh??? What the hell is “tat”? I’m totally down with the slang and shorthand when it comes to social network sites. BUT what slang or shorthand is “tat”? How much time and energy did you save by removing one letter?

3. “stood over my girl’s house last night” or “stood over my man’s house for the weekend”

“stood” is NOT the past tense for “stay”!!! “stayed” is the past tense for “stay” and “stood” is the past tense for “stand”!!! Don’t believe me?


4. “their over they’re at there mother’s house”

How do you get to your thirties still not knowing the difference between their, there and they’re? Back to the dictionary…





Okay, this one is a double. First of all, why are you yelling at everybody on Facebook at 7 a.m? There is a such thing as text/Internet etiquette and that is RUDE, unless you meant to yell. See, I was yelling right there… RUDE RUDE RUDE!!! Cut it out. Second, what the hell is a “BLESS DAY”? What happened to the “ed” at the end of the word bless? The word is blessed, not bless.
Next time try: Good morning FB’ers. On my way to work. Everyone have a blessed day.

6. Why do people post pictures of them self, tag them self in it and then click “like”? And why do people “like” their own statuses? I highly doubt you posted a picture of yourself that you don’t like or a status you don’t like. And are you anticipating coming down with Alzheimer’s sometime soon? Are you going to forget that that’s you in that picture? Why do people tag themselves in their own pics like they’re going to forget their own name or what they look like?

7. Why do people tag themselves in the most ridiculous locations? iPhones and Androids are known for having gps systems in them, and your retarded ass tags yourself “@home”. The next day you’re posting how you can’t believe your ex found you. Stop it!! Tagging at restaurants, clubs, bars, amusement parks, malls… That’s okay. Those are all public places. But why in the hell would you tag your residence or your job? Cut it out!!!

8. “good morning fbf. Omw to work, rocking a super pad today. Me and my boo got it in last night so my flow came down mad heavy this morning. Shit is mad different now with my new birth control. I’ll talk to my gyn about it when I go for my appointment on the 23rd. That’s if I can get there on time after my court appointment for child support, cuz y’all know my babydaddy is a deadbeat.”

Get your life off Facebook!!! Nobody cares! And furthermore, some things are just disgusting. I know the box says “what’s on your mind?” but I don’t think that’s what they meant. My friends all laugh at me for being a dedicated FBer, but one thing they all know is true is that I say a lot on Facebook without saying much at all.

9. Please analyze and edit your pictures before posting. I don’t understand why you’re posting a picture of yourself in lingerie on such a public site in the first place. But if you must, clean up all them damn clothes and garbage in the background. Another thing that kills me is the girls taking pictures in their club clothes all over their dirty-ass house, but there’s never any pics of them actually in the club. If you can put that much time and effort into getting dressed up just to take pictures in your own house, try applying that same time and effort to cleaning that dirty ass house FIRST.

10. “Gm fb” @7 a.m.
“on my grind” @7:10 a.m
“bout to start deleting some of these fake people on here
fronting on fb like they doing big things.” @7:12 a.m.
“I’m a boss nigga, you just a field nigga. Step ya game
up.” @7:13 a.m.

Huh??? What grind are you on and what big things are you doing that allow you to update your status with every breath and blink. What are you the boss of, your couch and remote? Cut the crap! People who are really out on their grind are laughing at your loser-ass. Real bosses don’t have to announce it on Facebook, those under them just know it and are working hard at being bosses as well. They are not wasting time admiring your broke ass screaming “I’m a boss!” every thirty seconds on Facebook.

There are plenty more things I see on Facebook that annoy the hell out of me, but I have to get back to deleting people I requested, because I’m a boss on my grind. Hahaha… No seriously. Think before you post and ensure your privacy settings are on point. You wouldn’t want any of these things to come up at the absolute wrong time.


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