Thursday Morning Story

18 Oct

Once upon a time there was a very pretty single mother who rode public transportation every morning to take her daughter to school and then head to work. One Thursday morning, she dropped her beautiful daughter off on the corner and watched her head into the school building, then turned and headed down the street to endure the second half of her four bus commute. When she approached the next corner she saw her bus coming and so she ran, dodging traffic to make sure she didn’t miss her bus. She couldn’t afford to be late and cab fare was not in her budget for that morning. She made it across the street just in time to get on the bus.
She sat down on the bus behind two older hood brothers who were talking about getting their cell phones turned back on. Just when she was starting to feel disappointed in Black men, she noticed a younger Black man sitting in front of her as well. He had on a fresh black fitted, neat leather jacket, his haircut was fresh and he was neatly shaven. The pretty single mom smiled to herself thinking, “Hm… If he’s cute I’ll make eye contact and smile at him.” That’s usually all she ever had to do to get a man’s attention.
Soon one of the older men got off the bus saying he had to get to a Metro PCS store to pay his phone bill. The other older man turned to the young man and started talking. Apparently they knew each other too. The pretty single mom’s ears perked up when the young clean cut man was about to speak, but she was instantly disappointed. He said he was on his way to his parole officer. He just got out on the 16th and somehow ended up in cuffs again on the 17th. Then he turned his head sideways as he was talking and stale alcoholic, smokey nigga breaff (yes breaff, not breath) jumped out of his mouth and punched the single mom dead in her nose. She didn’t know what had come over her. Suddenly she saw a bright comforting light. She became afraid… Everybody knows what the bright white light is. So she turned away from it but the stale alcoholic smokey nigga breaff busted her dead in her nose again. So the pretty single mother gave up and let the bright white light engulf her.



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