Pre Valentine’s Day Post

13 Feb

So Charlemagne tha God on The Breakfast Club just gave all single women Donkey of the Day for Valentine’s Day. There are some women who really deserve it. Some of y’all really be going through it, feeling all angry and bitter, and faking happiness. Single as I am, I don’t fall in that category. No donkeys over here lol. I haven’t been in a relationship in eight years (I’m lying lol, I just refuse to count time wasters.) But I actually don’t feel anything other than the need to tell people I don’t usually say “I love you” to, that I love them… Like my parents. And everybody else lol. My daughter is the only person that gets frequent ILY’s from me.

But sad single ladies, keep in mind it could be worse… You could be spending this day with wrong person, and believe me, that’s the worst. The only thing that will absolutely get under my skin tomorrow is those bullshit texts… “I wish I was spending this day with you.” To which I plan to reply, “nigga please,” or “kill yaself.” Please don’t bother to text me that shit. Men are conquerors and if you’re texting me that means there was once a time when you could’ve conquered me. That time has passed. Makes the best of what you got with who you chose to lay with every night. Miss me with the bullshit.

However I will be booed up with one of my best friends seeing 50 Shades tonight. And we have no shame. Idk about her, but I actually have a prospect in the wings but I don’t wanna see the movie with his ass. He didn’t read the books! Lol. I don’t wanna see the movie with anybody who didn’t read the books lol. Now if he’s available AFTER the movie, that’s another story lol πŸ˜‰

To add more irony, I will be spending actual Valentine’s Day volunteering at an Allstar weekend event with my married friends and possibly going to a fashion show with them in the evening lol. The bitter single woman is not a myth, I been her once about seven years ago, but she’s not every single woman. Some of us get used to it, and some of us are too scared to do anything but play it safe. I might fall in the latter… 😳 *shrugs*

Anyway, this is a cold ass Valentine’s wknd in NYC… We also have Allstar shit popping off in the city, 50 Shades opened, and Fashion week stuff is happening as well. Be safe, stay warm, and have a blast!!!


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