Am I the Only Person Speculating…?🤔

14 Feb

Real quick…

Am I the only person speculating that BeyoncĂ© is going hard with all these tributes and images of Orisha because she’s carrying her own babies this time?

Hold up… before the Beyhive arrives to my door with pitchforks. I am not a BeyoncĂ© hater. But I wouldn’t call myself a fan either, and I damn sure ain’t a part of no Beyhive. Like, to me she aight. I think Lemonade is her deepest and most valuable work to date. The rest of her music was cute or whateva. And her performances are always dope. 

I remember when that Blue belly folded one day though and back then she didn’t look nearly as pregnant carrying that baby as she does now carrying these twins. I’m a firm believer Blue was carried by a surrogate. And I actually think that’s fine. No judgement there. She expressed that she had miscarried before. Perhaps she was scared to try to carry again. It happens. I come from a big ass family, I can tell you about all different types of pregnancies, complications, fears, and beliefs. I’ve carried a child of my own and it’s the best scariest experience I’ve ever had in my life. I was “high risk” 🙄 with every stupid symptom you can think of, and could’ve lost my child at four months… I seen it all. Except my belly folding. That shit never happened. Never seen it happen to any of my aunties or cousins either. I’m just saying…

But seriously, I think besides shedding light on other spiritual images, she’s showing gratitude to Orisha now because she didn’t feel like she could before. I mean, I don’t remember all these goddess bells & whistles when she was supposedly carrying Blue. I remember brief, obscure images of a bloated food baby belly. 

I know the diehards are about to go left with my lil five second post. But the rest of y’all that’s not afraid to think on your own and speculate on her like we do any other artist… what y’all thankin?? 🤔


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