Religion of Love

16 Feb

A woman asked her man one day, “but don’t you want a God fearing woman?”
He didn’t answer. 

But he thought no. 

The church was new to her but not to him. 

By now he had the understanding that spirituality should be saturated with love, not fear. 

Why is the word fear even a part of the vocabulary?

He understood though, that our people needed something to give them hope. 

Something to believe in. 

Unfortunately we now take whatever we are given. 

We desire what they have. 

So we have accepted their religion as our own, and put our hopes in that. 

They only shared their religion to limit our minds though. 

They did what they do best and took what wasn’t theirs… whitewashed it, and brought it back… with holes in it. 

No, he didn’t want a God fearing woman. 

He wanted a God loving woman. 

With courage in her heart. 

With confidence in her stride. 

Who carried herself like a woman with her own mind and not like a teenager trying on the latest fashions. 

He wanted a woman who could love God’s creation… the universe. 

Then he knew she could love all that they created together. 

Fear is for them. 

Not for us. 

Let them be God fearing. 

Let us be universally loving. 


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