The Daily Overwhelming Sense of Dread

2 Aug

I live that life. I am that person. I hate my job. I am deeply unhappy with my employment. I am not overworked and underpaid, because the work takes no brain power. But I am immensely undervalued. And although the work takes no brain power it's insanely disgusting that the person who previously had my position was paid more than me, and she could literally barely read.

So every morning I dress with an overwhelming sense of dread. I arrive every morning with the thought, "man fuck this place."

I feel battered. This is without a doubt employment abuse. It's crazy to walk into some place every day knowing, the minute you leave, your miserable complacent boss is gonna lose his shit. He doesn't even know what the fuck you do all day, he just knows it needs to get done and you're getting it done and your thanks is an occasional free breakfast or lunch on him.

But the rest of my life is like Cheers… everybody knows my name and they're always glad I came.

One foot out door. They just don't know…


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