Somebody Always Mad

16 Feb

Sooo whassup with the folks mad about Black Panther? Why are Black people mad at Black people for being excited about Black people???

Yes, Black Panther is a Marvel Comic. If you thought after ALL the talk and publicity that this was a movie about revolution, slavery, race relations, etc., I’m gonna need you to come out your cave.

No, Black Panther is not the first Black superhero. However… this is the first time this much money and effort has been put into the production of a Black superhero. I am not at all discounting or ignoring Blade, Meteor Man, my boo Luke Cage, or even Blank Man. I am also not discounting other Black superhero characters that were a part of super squads and teams. But, all too often we are portrayed as the token, the add-on, the sidekick. Never the main, the ruler, the Kings and Queens.

Some of y’all don’t know shit about Africa, or African tribes. A lot of y’all still think Africa is a damn country inhabited by naked hunter gatherers in huts. Look at a map. It’s a CONTINENT, with many different countries, and many different types of tribes. Many of us have been cut off from our roots. Why y’all mad at people for reveling in imaginary roots? Why y’all mad at people for identifying with superheroes with naps, coils, curls, locs, twists, and braids?

In the words of Angry Man from Martin, “man sitcho ass down.”

This world is depressing as fuck. There’s a turd in U.S. office referring to other countries as “shithole countries.” Can we live? Shit 🤦🏾‍♀️

You damn right I’m going to see Black Panther, dressed cute and feeling proud. Why the fuck not? I need a lil joy. We all do. I like seeing Blacks as we really are, not as what so many of us have sadly become. And I’m sick of slave movies. How many more ways can I️ be reminded that my last name is that of some French or Brit that owned my family in the West Indies? I’m good on that 🤚🏾.

You mad about Black people being excited about Black people? I feel sorry for you. There are WAY bigger things to be mad about in this suck-ass world. Get laid and get a little joy, please and thanks 🤦🏾‍♀️


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