Why Vanessa Moore?

19 Mar

I’m cracking up as I write this…

One of my homegirls, when she realized the books I was advertising were mine said, “Well I don’t know Vanessa Moore. Who is Vanessa Moore?”

She’s ME! Lol.

Y’all wanna laugh? She’s an alter ego. If Beyonce can be Sasha Fierce, why can’t I be Vanessa Moore sometimes? And so many writers have pseudonyms. Vanessa Moore is mine. I’m a Gemini by the way. So my dual personality is actually always present. I love her. If you know me, you know I always do my own thing. I have no problem sticking to my own opinion even when I am even less than the minority in my thinking.

Van Moore, however, is able to play devil’s advocate and not only have opinions, but boldly place herself in the shoes of the undesirables. For that reason, Van does the writing. She can think from villains’ point of view. Some of my characters have done and will do some dumb and/or foul shit. Things I would neeever do. Things I wouldn’t know how to begin to do in the first place.

So I don’t need my real name to be “type cast,” in a sense. Some ideas don’t need to be associated with me. But Van Moore can take it. I’m not hiding behind her. Everybody has a role. Including our alter egos and dual personalities.

Vanessa Moore plays her part and I hope people come to appreciate her the way I have.

Now go on and check out Love and the Business 😉


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