Stay Tuned

20 Apr

Thinking as I watch a documentary while I work: I wish I was home. I have so much more to offer. My imagination is the shit, but I also develop pretty good theories and arguments. These are the fruits of a degree in English Literature. Critical thinking is constant. Lately I realized my audience deserves to read what I often have to say in conversation… when I get the chance to have intelligent conversations and debates.

My imagination is full of stories that anyone can tell. But things about me personally offer a twist. My stories are of the Black experience. Not just poverty stricken and crime ridden Blacks stories that make asinine amounts of money in various forms of media. But stories of talented Blacks in love. Coming of age Black stories. Up and coming Black stories. The ups and downs of Black families…

I didn’t grow up broke in a run down neighborhood. But we weren’t rich and you were safe in our neighborhood if you knew how to navigate. My babysitters were Puerto Rican women who spoke mostly Spanish. Friday nights we ate from Greek diners. After school I bought beef patties & cocoa bread for a snack. I played in the pump in the summer or all the boys congregated in my backyard to ball. And there was music every where all the time.

Drugs were present. But the dealers and users still encouraged us to go to school and do better. We were taught that education was the key to becoming free to use our talents.

There are so many different aspects of the Black experience. They are all unique to our environment and make up. On top of that is the influence of the times in which we live. A revival of Black Pride and renaissance, blatant government corruption, cultural appropriation, mass shootings, sexual discrimination and the Me Too movement, access to information and technology, and social media…

All of these things are elements of the Black experience.

Art should not only tell a story, but should present a message or argument. I am full of messages and arguments. But I have only just recently learned how to incorporate these elements into my stories.

I built all this background to say: stay tuned. Love and the Business is not just about Black relationships in entertainment. There is more than meets the eye and there will be more and more as the web of characters grows.


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